Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I realized after "the Stand" was finished that it was quite Phalic so I thought I need a piece to represent Woman. So a Woman is about relationships or the Heart issues, So that is the Title of the above piece "A Woman's Heart"
It is turned then carved, I learned Gun checkering  to get the texturing.

The above Sculpture "The stand" was the transitional piece. combining turned and carved work.  using again some of the ideas seen in Seattle. It sold almost immediately.

during the nineties I was trying to find my voice with my sculpture, continuing the constructions I had done in college.

When I got a Mamiya RZ it was a leap forward. the Pentax was a giant 35 mm, the glass was great, but with the Mamiya I could capture with the Polaroid back check my exposure and change to a film back. I could change films in the middle of a roll.